Glen of Imaal Firing Range Notice – June

Notification of Shooting in the Glen of Imaal, County Wicklow.

Shooting times for the month of June 2012. 

Please note that shooting will take place on the following dates:

5th June 2012   10am – 9pm

6th June 2012   10am – 9pm

11th June 2012 10am – 9pm

12th June 2012 10am – 2pm

13th June 2012 8am – 9pm

14th June 2012 8am – 9pm

15th June 2012 8am – 9pm

18th June 2012 10am – 6pm

20th June 2012 10am – 2pm

21st June 2012 10am – 5pm

28th June 2012 10am – 2pm

29th June 2012 10am – 6pm

If you are visiting the Glen of Imaal in Co. Wicklow, please watch out for the special signs indicating the Military Range Lands. There may be unexploded shells and other dangerous missiles on these lands.

For further information including free maps of the Glen, please contact:

Army Range Warden Service

Seskin School, Glen of Imaal,
Tel: (045) 404653

Be safe in the hills this summer and try follow the Mountain Rescue Safety Guidelines.