Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Is Coming To Ireland

On the 3rd And 4th Of August 2012, The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series will make one of its many stops in Ireland.

At the moment the location hasn’t fully been revealed, But we can almost say it will be at The Serpent’s Lair or Poll na Peist on Inis Mor on the beautiful Aran Islands.

The Serpent’s lair is a near-perfect rectangular hole, chiseled out of rock at the bottom of cliffs on Inis Mor. In ancient mythology it was home to a Sea Serpent and the sound of screeching stormy winds is said to be the monster making its presence felt.

Cliff diving involves athletes leaping into water from heights of 23m to 28m for men and 18m to 23m for women.

Divers have about three seconds to co-ordinate their forms and movements before they hit the surface of the water at around 100km/h with a flat landing, known as a pancake, compared with landing on concrete from 13m.

From 27 metres high and reaching speeds of up to 85kph, the world’s best divers will compete head-to-head in seven stops including Ireland between June and September.

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2012 Calendar

June 22-23 | France
July 6-7 | Norway
July 20-21 | Azores, Portugal
August 3-4 | Ireland
August 24-25 | USA
September 7-8 | United Kingdom
September 27-28 | Oman

This is fantastic news for the Irish Adventure scene, it shows that Ireland’s got real potential for big international events.

Colombian Orlando Duque travelled to Inis Mór on the Aran Islands in 2009 to jump 26m (78ft) into the Serpent’s Lair or Poll na Peist – a blowhole carved out by Atlantic swells.

The 34-year-old made the dive in preperation for his competition in France the following  month.

In 2009 he made the following statement…..Finding the place and being able to dive there was one of the highlights of my career. Hopefully in the future we can bring a cliff diving competition to Ireland.

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Click Here To View The Video Of Colombian Orlando Duque dive into the Serpent’s Lair..