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Stranded Dead Fin Whale at Ardtermon Strand, Co. Sligo

A dead, stranded 12 metre Fin whale (Balaenoptera Physalus) was reported by Jimmy & Viera Stupakova at Ardtermon Strand near Raghly, Co. Sligo on 28th November.  The second largest whale species on the planet, it is the first validated record of a fin whale in Co. Sligo.  It is also the fifth record of this […]

Bottlenose Dolphins Set Up Residence in Irish Sea

New evidence has emerged hinting the residence of a Bottlenose Dolphin pod (3 dolphins) along the Dublin and Wicklow coast.  The evidence comes from the over 200 validated sightings of the pod in the past year within a 21 mile (33km) range between Wicklow Town and Dalkey Island. The sightings, validated by the Irish Whale […]