Buncrana Boater Cross – 29th & 30th October 2011


Boater Cross, Sea Kayaking Race, Freestyle Event..

This Boater Cross has a guaranteed release, this will surely make it worthwhile to make plans in advance and travel from all corners of the country to an event that promises to be one of the biggest on the Irish kayaking calendar..

One of the most diverse and inclusive events of the year is on again this October.

This event is in its 3rd year and with guaranteed water from dam release it makes it a must on the calendar.

The river running through the area is called the Crana, with a dam released section containing grade 2 up to grade 4 drops providing the event venue.

Events include: Sea Kayak race, Open Boat race, Slalom and Freestyle on the Saturday.

BoaterX on the Sunday.

Very inclusive juniors, seniors of all levels are welcome.