New Circumnavigation Record Set

Harry Whelan from London and Jeff Allen from Cornwall completed the fastest recorded circumnavigation of Ireland by kayak Рan incredible 25 days.

They spent their last few days of their adventure paddling constantly for over 250Km in 36 hours to reach Ardmore, Waterford – their final destination.¬† Amazingly, even though they were delayed by one day due to poor wind conditions and extreme tiredness, they were still fast enough to knock 8 days off the previous record of 33 days, set by Mick O’Meara and Dermot Blout.

Experienced kayakers Harry and Jeff left on the 22nd April; their trip is also raising funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Action.s.

During their adventure Jeff and Harry have been paddling though particularly unfavourable weather conditions – strong head winds, large swells and also had to deal with hypothermia, hallucinations, infected hands, no sleep and getting robbed.

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