Great New Service For Adventure/ Freelance Instructors are proud to launch our new Freelance Instructor Database.  If you are a freelance instructor, or even someone who is qualified to instruct in any type of outdoor discipline and would like to have your profile added to this database then simply complete the submission form.  Once your submission has been verified your profile will be available to view to many potential employers who can browse the profiles for free.  How good is that??

To celebrate the launch of our database the first 50 people to submit their profile to us will have a free profile for one year.  

So why should you host your online profile with us?  Well, there are a number of great reasons:

  • This is the ONLY website in Ireland where Freelance Instructors can advertise their qualifications to potential employers
  • We will be launching a fully fledged outdoor jobs section in the coming weeks and anyone whose profile is hosted on our Instructor database will receive an email as soon as any jobs become available.
  • You will have an online CV which you can email to potential employers who may wish to take a look at your qualifications with the click of a button.
  • Your profile can easily be updated should you gain more qualifications and experience.

So go ahead and submit your profile.

Submit Your Profile!

  • Profiles with photos will get more attention
  • Photos of you doing something more unusual may get even more attention!
  • A good high res photo would do far more than a pixelated low res one you’ve stolen from Facebook, so take the time to submit a good one
  • Enter your work experience in the area provided. The more information you submit the better chance you have of being spotted for the right job