Jackson Kayak Demo Day A Huge Success






On Sunday the 20th Of May, I-Canoe AndĀ  Paddle4Play put on The Jackson Kayak Demo Day at the Sluice Weir Lucan, Co Dublin.

This turned out to be one of the busiest days of freestyle kayaking ever seen at the Sluice Weir.

We estimate that up to 70 kayakers took part in what was a great day of freestyle kayaking.

Each participant got to try out a full range of Jackson Kayaks including the ever popular Jackson Kayak Dynamic Duo, this boat gave spectators the opportunity to witness some of Ireland’s most seasoned boaters being challenged as they struggled to communicate the Eskimo roll in sequence resulting in long swims and banter.

The day was assisted by some of Ireland’s top freestyle and whitewater kayakers who were there to offer expert advice in many of the supplied freestyle teaching clinics and classes.

When two fantastic companies like I-Canoe And Paddle4play come together its obvious that they will put on a good show. The easy going atmosphere created by the organisers Adrian Durrant And Colm Healy made way for a great day.

With water and sunshine organised the paddlers started to arrive, it wasn’t long before the fantastic range of Jackson kayaks were snapped up and put to good work by all those keen to try out these kayaks designed by the best freestyle kayaker of all time Mr Eric Jackson, Eric’s daughter Emily is a former female freestyle world champion and was here in Ireland only 2 week ago paddling at the Sluice freestyle spot.

The standard of Irish freestyle kayaking is clearly rising each year, and with the development of kayaks such as the Jackson kayak range it has helped push the sport to new levels.

Young gun Billy Bret From Kilkenny seen here on the left was putting on an unbelievable show of skill and commitment in every move resulting in scorable Macnastys, loops, Spacegodzilla’s, and some serious Air Blunts. This kid who came 8th in the World Freestyle Kayaking Championships was one of the many young talented freestyle kayakers including the talented Sluice Crew lads who were on hand today to help out and enjoy this wonderful sport.

Today we seen some old and new faces, with legends like Wicklow man Steve Fahy, swallowing his memories of the feared weil’s by putting on his Sunday best, SteveĀ  showed us all that legends never forget while he dished out some clean old school cartwheels for the crowd.

After a long day on and off the water for all, we go home and reflect on what was a really busy and successful day.

Is this the answer to great freestyle days on the water?

Are days like this whats needed to push the sport of Freestyle Kayaking in Ireland?

Was it successful because it was a free event?

With higher numbers arriving lately for coaching days and none competitive events then maybe this is the way forward for Irish Freestyle Kayaking?

Who knows? All we no is that freestyle kayaking is huge, its growing and its ready to take off here in Ireland with thanks to good people like Adrian Durrant and Colm Healy and all those willing to lend a hand to help others while pushing a discipline which is clearly a huge attraction to young and old kayakers in Ireland.

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