Mountaineering Ireland Photography Competition

As part of Mountaineering Ireland’s hillwalking guidebook project, they are offering €1,000 in cash prizes in this photography competition to help source photographs of all the peaks identified for inclusion in this publication.

First Prize – €200
Runner Up (6) – €100
Next Best Photos (8)- €25


All entries (of the mountains listed below) will be considered for inclusion in the guidebook. You are required to submit photographs of not less than 1MB and not more than 5MB for the purposes of the competition.  We would request that you retain any higher resolutions of the entries should they be required for publication.

There is no hard and fast criteria for entries, but photographs that clearly identify one of the mountains* or a feature of one of the mountains* would be appropriate.  An “Activity” or “Action” photograph of someone on a ridge (for example), preferably with a substantial portion of the mountain, or neighbouring mountain in the background, would also be an appropriate entry.

Photographs with Individuals in the foreground (e.g. a picture of someone easily identifiable, posing with the mountain in the background!) would not be regarded as appropriate.

The most frequently visited mountains are likely to attract the greatest number of entries, so in order to encourage photographs of the less popular mountains, a weighting will be applied based on the number of entries received per mountain (e.g. if multiple entries are received for Croagh Patrick and only one for Slieve Snaght, the Slieve Snaght entry will get preferential consideration).

The decision of the Mountaineering Ireland judging panel will be final. The panel will select the most impactful photographs for inclusion in the guidebook. Entrant whose photographs are published in the guidebook will also receive a complimentary copy in due course.


All entries should be emailed to

Click Here for the full list of Mountains required.