New XC Development Officer for the Offroad Commission

Some good news for Mountain Biking

This growing, fun, exciting, crazy, neglected and frustrating  sport that we all love seems to have gained a great, enthusiastic lover of XC Biking.

Jon Hynes is a well experienced outdoor adventure man with many years of dedication to the sport of biking as well as many other areas.

He also runs a company called Gravity Mountain Biking in Garretstown Co Cork.

Jon has introduced himself on the Offroad comminsiners facebook page

He is looking for your opinions, suggestions and ideas for this coming year.

Below is the conversation he started on the page and its getting alot of interest which shows a great dedication and demand for this fantastic sport.


Hi folks. Jon Hynes here. Last weekend, I was elected as the new XC Development Officer for the Off Road Commission. over the next year I would like to create some improvements to our beloved sport of XC. More people than ever are riding bik

es in Ireland. We have a golden opportunity to grow Cross Country Mountain Biking and that’s why I need your opinions, suggestions, ideas, help, innovation, contacts and passion.

Over the next two weeks I want to speak to as many of you as possible and hear what you have to contribute and to then develop Mission statement / plan for how “We” can develop XC. I see my position on the committee as an opportunity to get people working together to better the sport.

I have some ideas. I am planning to work on the following.

Develop greater uptake of the “Gearing Up Offroad” program by Cycling Ireland for Youth riders. We need to focus on making sure the kids learn well, have fun, are kept safe and lay the foundations to become the racers of the future.

To encourage more clubs to seek training & qualification as coaches, Trail & Mountain Bike leaders.

To organise “Mountain Bike Specific Wilderness First Aid” Courses.

To organise some “Womens Specific XC Coaching Weekends”.

To co-ordinate a Youth XC Talent squad.

To make the best possible use of Coaching funds for up and coming riders.

Please bear in mind, my role does not include NPS organisation but I will certainly pass on any ideas and proposals.

I am going to give my time and energy to this position, I look forward to working with a new fresh approach and whilst I know some folks may have issue with certain aspects of how things were done in the past, I want to emphasise, I am only interested in moving forward.

It’s a tall order but there is so much great activity out there with so many great clubs, leaders, volunteers. Grass roots folks, that’s where it’s at!

So, send me messages, emails, call me, give feedback and I will publish a report with a plan of action in a few short weeks.

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